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The best Shopify affiliate marketing app to launch affiliate & referral programs in minutes. Automate sign-ups, track sales and commissions, and manage payouts easily.

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Simple, Intuitive and best affiliate marketing app for Shopify

Enhance your DTC affiliate sales, ideal for all—from startups to large enterprises.

easy setup
effortless promotion
smooth onboarding
make more profit

Easy Setup 

Begin your Shopify affiliate marketing journey in a few clicks with quick setup. Tailor affiliate commission & customer discounts in a few easy steps.

easy setup

Smooth Onboarding  

Experience a seamless process for recruiting affiliates for your Shopify affiliate programs through sign-up forms or adding individuals.

effortless promotion

Effortless Promotion

Unique affiliate referral links and referral codes for all your Shopify affiliates, fully customizable and optimized for tracking and social media sharing.

smooth onboarding

Make More Profit 

Enjoy a boost in your sales and traffic while rewarding Shopify ambassadors with enticing rewards such as cash, PayPal payouts, coupons, or gift cards.

make more profit

Enjoy Afflr’s Perks

Sales Leap with Shopify App for Affiliate Marketing

Challenge traditional marketing and tap into the limitless capabilities of Afflr, an effective Shopify affiliate marketing app.

Boost Market Presence 

An attractive Shopify influencer marketing program can pull more influencers, your business will reach as far as the internet connection goes.

Enhance Visibility 

Onboard top creators to bring a targeted audience to your DTC business, for better visibility and engagement.

Foster Flexibility

Tailor the rewards, commission, and discount to suit the scope of your referral marketing program on shopify

Earn Trust 

Build a solid affiliate network that shares the love for your products and earns organic credibility for your business.

Enhance Visibility
Custom and Control

Tailored Control & Customization

Take charge of your program's settings and tailor them to suit your needs with our control and customization options.

Custom and Control

Design and customize in your Shopify affiliate program app to suit the business needs and hold control of the entire affiliate marketing management.

Acquire Customers

Craft commission strategically to inspire affiliates to promote enthusiastically and attract new customers who, in turn, will bring more customers.

Increase Sales

Reward affiliates with a streamlined and transparent payout process to grow word-of-mouth sales and maximize profitability.

High ROI

Spend only on successful affiliate sales that bring you revenue to reduce the redundant marketing cost and increase the return.

A Shopify affiliate marketing app can help Skyrocket Sales, Expand Your Customer Base, and Fortify Your DTC business.

Shopify Affiliate App Features

With Afflr, Spread Your Sales Pitch and Drive Revenue

Level up your DTC affiliate marketing game with enterprise-ready features – Unlimited affiliate programs (VIP, Insta, Tiktok), Tiered / Recurring / Lifetime commissions, one-click payouts with hundreds of reward options & more.

Centralized Management

Your Shopify affiliate marketing program app management is done in a single place in a unified platform to avoid tiring, complex supervision. You can easily create programs, add affiliates, and track your program's performance in our dashboard.

Flexible Commissions - Tiered, Recurring, Lifetime

Reward your affiliates with tiered commission rates based on their performance—referrals, sales, and beyond. Plus, we've got you covered if you want to offer commissions for repeat orders from referrals or for the lifetime.

Generate and Custom Affiliate Link

Automated generation of unique affiliate links for every affiliate, eliminating the need for manual input to save time and effort. You can also customize your referral code to suit the best for affiliate marketing programs.

Easy Payout 

Reward affiliates with cash, coupons, PayPal transfers, or gift cards from 2000+ global stores in a single click.

Insightful Analytics

Comprehensive tracking of affiliate sales and commission with our analytics dashboard to help make informed decisions.

Unlock Additional Features

Maximize value and efficiency by integrating your Shopify referral app with third-party apps such as Klaviyo, Zapier, and Tremendous to access a wealth of resources.

Email Notification

Stay in the loop with all updates of your Shopify referral programs, affiliates, and payouts through automated email communication.

Empower Affiliates

Creators gain greater control over their performance and payouts through a dedicated portal accessible via email.

Earn Global Presence

Take your business global by leveraging our multi-lingual support, breaking language barriers, and connecting with wider audiences.

Take your DTC word-of-mouth referral marketing to next level

Experience how effortless it is to Automate affiliate marketing & customer referral programs to drive more sales

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