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Afflr Features

Power Packed Features

Supercharge your business with the Afflr App. Tap into the power of affiliate marketing for accelerated growth.

Customize Affiliate Commission

Custom Programs

Tailor affiliate programs to match your unique business goals and preferences effortlessly.

Built-in Signup Forms

Quickly recruit affiliates with our easy-to-use signup forms, getting them started hassle-free.

Shopify Affiliate Sales Tracking

Insightful Analytics

Stay informed with detailed reports on referral numbers, conversion rates, and revenue.

Tailored Rewards

Motivate affiliates with personalized rewards for hitting milestones and achieving success.

Built-in Affiliate Portal

Empower affiliates with full control over their performance through our intuitive portal.

Commission Automation

Save time by automatically tracking and paying commissions to your affiliates.

Management Tools

Easily oversee your affiliate program, from approving applications to tracking performance.

Global Reach

Expand your program globally with multi-language support, reaching new markets effortlessly.

Seamless Email Integration

Automate affiliate communication, sharing referral links, tracking info, and rewards with ease.

Skyrocket Sales with Afflr

Supercharge your sales with our Shopify Affiliate Marketing App. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to grow your business!

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