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Your Ultimate Solution for Affiliate Marketing Management. Afflr streamlines the launching and tracking of your Shopify affiliate program, offering flexible commissions and discounts tailored for conversions.

Shopify Affiliate Marketing Earnings

Automate Your Affiliate Marketing With Afflr

Our intuitive Shopify affiliate app empowers you to effortlessly set up and manage your affiliate marketing programs.
Shopify Affiliates payout

Do you value your time? We do too.

Replace tiresome manual labor with Afflr’s compelling automation features

Easily Customize Your Affiliate Program

Iterate on your affiliate program effortlessly to match business needs

Smooth affiliate onboarding 

Effortlessly streamline affiliate onboarding for seamless integration.

Flexible discount and commission rates

Adjust discount and commission rates to suit your needs.

Effortless management 

Seamlessly manage affiliates and affiliate programs with ease.

Auto-generate Affiliate links

Generate unique affiliate links for each affiliate for effortless tracking.

customize affiliate program

Enhance your business visibility with Influencer Marketing!

With the help of Afflr leverage the reach of diverse influencers to amplify your global presence and boost your sales.

Smooth Tracking, Analysis, Optimization

Effortlessly monitor affiliate program performance for optimization.

Shopify Affiliate Performance Tracking

Seamless sales monitoring

Effortlessly track and optimize affiliate sales performance

Simplify commission tracking

Streamline affiliate commission tracking for clearer insights

Easily analyze real-time metrics

Effortlessly assess real-time metrics to make insightful decisions.

Informed decision making

Use analysis of key performance metrics to optimize your Shopify affiliate program

Simplify Payout Processes

Boost marketing by rewarding affiliates with commissions for successful sales.

Easy Payout Control

Maintain total control over commission approvals and Payout timing

Quick Payout

Instant payout initiation and effortless monitoring

Secure Payout

Transparently pay with PayPal for prompt transactions

Efficient Payout tracing

Retrieve Payout History summaries easily and quickly

Shopify Affiliates Payout Management

Harness the power of word-of-mouth marketing with Afflr

Experience the advantages of automation as Afflr streamlines the setup, management, payouts, and tracking of your affiliate programs.

Dedicated Affiliate Portal

Shopify Affiliate Portal

Seamless Onboarding

Enable Effortless Affiliate onboarding via the Affiliate Portal

Easy Link Sharing

Conveniently Share and Access Affiliate Links

Active Tracking Portal

Offer a dedicated Affiliate Portal for activity tracking

Convenient Payout Requests

Empower Affiliates to request Payouts conveniently

Soar high with Afflr

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