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10 Best Shopify Affiliate Marketing Apps in 2024

A Shopify affiliate marketing app is a tool used to manage the affiliate marketing campaign for your Shopify store from scratch.

Various Shopify affiliate apps are available in the market for easy creation and management of affiliate programs.

Dive into this blog as we have analyzed and recounted the features of the top Shopify Affiliate marketing apps.

You can pick the right affiliate program app for your business based on the requirements of your marketing strategy.

If you want to automate word-of-mouth marketing, try our Shopify affiliate marketing app, Afflr, to ease your work.

How to choose the right Shopify Affiliate Program App

To choose the right Shopify Affiliate Program app, one needs a thorough understanding of the various features of the affiliate apps for Shopify.

You can make the right choice after matching how the functionality of the Affiliate program Shopify apps suits your branding strategy.

Here are the list of points to consider while choosing your Shopify affiliate marketing app:

  • Evaluate the functionality of the Shopify affiliate app like the setup of customization of affiliate commission, metrics tracking, integration opportunities with other apps, etc.
  • Check if the Shopify affiliate marketing app is reliable in generating analytics, provides scalability, and assures integrity and security for data
  • Conduct market research and analyze reviews of every Shopify affiliate marketing app to figure out if it is the right fit for your Shopify business
  • Consider the price plans and overall value proportion of all the affiliate program Shopify apps to check if it is affordable and provide value for money
  • Ensure that the affiliate apps for Shopify offer a user-friendly interface for affiliates as well as the Shopify owner

Following this, identify your business needs, try a free trial if the need arises, and choose the best Shopify Affiliate Marketing app.

10 Best Shopify Affiliate Marketing Apps in 2024

The best Shopify affiliate marketing apps in 2024 are analyzed based on their features, price plans, and specialties.

The best Shopify affiliate marketing apps in 2024 are:

  1. Afflr
  2. Uppromote
  3. GoAffPro
  4. Referral Candy & Affiliate
  5. Refersion
  6. LeadDyno
  7. Social Snoball
  8. Shopjar
  9. BixGrow
  10. Affiliately

1. Afflr: Affiliate Marketing

Afflr is the right fit for small to mid-scale businesses that are looking for a Shopify affiliate marketing app. It is cost-effective and offers a very valuable free plan if you are just starting your word-of-mouth marketing journey.

The interface of this app is very user-friendly making it easy even for beginners to use. Afflr allows easy creation and management of your affiliate program and will enable you to customize the affiliate commission paid. You can create referral marketing and also influencer marketing using this app.

A unique affiliate link will be generated for each affiliate and provide a user-friendly dashboard to track your metrics. White-label emailing is enabled to keep you updated on everything that goes on in your Affiliate marketing app for Shopify.

Afflr Shopify Affiliate App

Key Features

  • Paypal integration
  • Email automation
  • Commission customization

Price Plans and their special attraction

  • Free – Unique referral link
  • $9/month – Integration with Klaviyo, Zapier, and PayPal

2. UpPromote

UpPromote holds an incredible track record in helping businesses manage their affiliate programs. They allow creating customized forms for affiliate sign-up so you can invite the Shopify affiliates you prefer.

This Shopify affiliate marketing app prevents affiliates from self-referral to uphold the integrity of the whole program. They provide fraud detection facilities so businesses can be sure that their marketing efforts are not compromised.

They provide integration with various other apps like Mailchimp, PayPal, Oberlo with their affiliate marketing app for Shopify.

UpPromote Shopify Affiliate App

Key Features

  • Comprehensive data maintained on all affiliates
  • Analytical dashboard interface
  • Enables the creation of coupon

Price Plans and their special attraction

  • Free – 200 referral reviews/month
  • $29.99 /month – 300 referral reviews/month and in-app chat support
  • $89.99 /month – 600 referral reviews/month and PayPal integration
  • $199.99 /month – unlimited referral review and custom development


GoAffPro lets you execute Multi Level Marketing and allot separate commissions for each tier. They provide designs to create sign-up forms and post-purchase reference pop-ups. Facilitates international business with its multi-language support.

This Shopify affiliate marketing app lets you group your affiliate partners into groups and promote different products. They also offer multiple affiliate tracking methods to know the real-time performance of the program and affiliates.

GoAffpro Shopify Affiliate App

Key Features

  • Email marketing support
  • Dedicated affiliate portal

Price Plans and their special attraction

  • Free – unlimited affiliate and mobile application support
  • $29 /month – Provides bulk mail customization option

4. Referral Candy & Affiliate

Referral Candy & Affiliate is a Shopify affiliate marketing app that offers a 14-day free trial that you can try before you commit to purchase. Once the initial foundation is laid, this app allows you to run your marketing campaign for Shopify stores on autopilot.

Referral Candy enables the customization of affiliate landing pages to give a personal touch. This affiliate marketing app for Shopify also has in place a system to detect fraud. However, they charge a commission fee for transactions made through them.

Referral Candy Shopify Affiliate App

Key Features

  • Allows you to send custom email
  • Provides is details analysis of performance
  • Supports 12+ international language

Price Plans and their special attraction

  • $59 /month – Unlimited campaign and live chat support
  • $299 /month – Dedicated accounts manager and quarterly review
  • $2000 /month – Custom integration and review with consultant

3. Refersion

Refersion doesn’t provide a free plan but allows a 14-day free trial period. Apart from setting up your influencer marketing, this app gives you access to the Refersion marketplace.

You can customize the signup form. This Shopify affiliate marketing app offers the benefits of integrating with apps like Paypal, Klaviyo, ReCharge, Bold Recurring Order, Yotpo, and Attentive.

Refersion Shopify Affiliate App

Key Features

  • Provides personalized dashboard
  • On-boarding of affiliates is easy
  • Customize commission based on tier

Price Plans and their special attraction

  • $119 /month – 50 affiliate conversions allowed per month
  • $299 /month – 200 affiliate conversions allowed per month
  • $599 /month – unlimited affiliate conversions allowed

Track and refine your affiliate programs for better results. Shopify affiliate marketing app, Afflr helps with tracking.

6. LeadDyno

LeadDyno helps easy integration by offering a setup wizard to guide step by step. Apart from managing your marketing campaign, this app also helps you to be on top of other marketing performances like email marketing, return on social media ad spend, etc.

However, this Shopify affiliate marketing app doesn’t allow you to customize affiliate commissions. Nevertheless, you can customize your price plan.

LeadDyno Shopify Affiliate App

Key Features

  • Live chat and email support
  • Offers affiliate portal

Price Plans and their special attraction

  • $49 /month – Permits up to 50 affiliates
  • $129 /month – Permits up to 150 affiliates and provides 1:1 video support
  • $349 /month – Permits up to 500 affiliates and allows custom domain
  • $749 /month – Unlimited affiliates, concierge set up and personalized support

7. Social Snoball

Social Snowball offers a unique Shopify affiliate marketing app where each customer after their purchase becomes an affiliate. Once the purchase is processed, the customer is sent a referral link, and the affiliate account is auto-generated.

This app also comes up with social media posts to promote the products through influencer marketing. It offers integration with other existing apps as well.

Snowball Shopify affiliate app doesn’t have a free option but offers a 30-day free trial.

Social Snowball Shopify affiliate app

Key Features

  • Customization of dashboard and application
  • Allows 700+ Affiliate payout options

Price Plans and their special attraction

  • $99 /month – Unlimited affiliates and safe referral links
  • $499 /month – No commission fee

8. Shopjar

Shopjar presents a combination of affiliate programs and referral program management so you can use the benefit of two thriving digital marketing strategies in one place.

They offer means to customize affiliate commissions and enable easy affiliate payout options. You can customize your affiliate sign-up form with a business logo and signature.

Shopjar Shopify Affiliate App

Key Features

  • Different types of rewards like coupons, free shipping, discounts, etc
  • Affiliate Portal
  • Affiliate sign-up form

Price Plans and their special attraction

  • $5/month – For referral programs
  • $9/month – Affiliate Program and tiered commission
  • $29/month – Scheduled payouts with PayPal and personalized onboarding

9. Bixgrow

BixGrow is a Shopify affiliate marketing app that supports affiliate as well as referral marketing for Shopify. Therefore, they enable the grouping of affiliates into segments and let them promote only particular products.

BixGrow lets you allot different bonuses for different Shopify affiliates based on their performance. Payment to these affiliate partners can be made through PayPal or as store credit.

Bixgrow Shopify Affiliate App

Key Features

  • Provides flexible affiliate tracking
  • Enables reference order follow-up
  • Allows Multi-level marketing

Price Plans and their special attraction

  • Free – Up to 30 affiliates allowed
  • $9 /month – Create bulk coupon codes

10. Affiliately

Affiliatly lets you customize commission or provide gift cards as a reward to your Shopify affiliate. To add a bit of competitive edge among the affiliates, this Shopify affiliate marketing app provides leaderboard features displaying top-performing affiliates.

This app helps to manage tier-level marketing. Even though the app doesn’t offer a free plan, it gives a generous 90-day trial period to help you experience the app’s features.

Affiliately Shopify Affiliate App

Key Features

  • No commission fee
  • Affiliate Payouts can be made in bulk

Price Plans and their special attraction

  • $16 /month – allows up to 50 affiliates
  • $24 /month – allows up to 200 affiliates
  • $59 /month – allows up to 1000 affiliates
  • $129 /month – allows unlimited affiliates

Payouts can be initiated effortlessly and maintained with transparency with a Shopify affiliate marketing app like Afflr.


This blog must have armed you with the knowledge of why a dedicated Shopify affiliate marketing app is needed, how to choose one for your business, and also a detailed idea of what the top-rated Affiliate apps for Shopify are.

Embrace innovation, leverage the power of these tools, and embark on a journey towards sustainable success with the Shopify Affiliate marketing program.

Further Reading

Can I use Shopify for affiliate marketing?

Yes, you can use Shopify for affiliate marketing. You can use a Shopify affiliate marketing app, create affiliate programs easily, enroll affiliates, and run a successful marketing campaign with your Shopify store.

Which software is best for affiliate marketing?

The software that is best for affiliate marketing is 1. Afflr 2. Shopjar 3. UpPromote 4. BixGrow 5. Refersion. You can also learn about these affiliate marketing apps for Shopify and more in this blog.

How to track affiliates in Shopify?

To track affiliates in Shopify the easiest way is to integrate your store with a Shopify Affiliate marketing app. These apps will let you automate the entire process of your affiliate program from creation to management to tracking to payout.

How to start affiliate marketing?

To start affiliate marketing, follow these steps:
1. Identify an objective
2. Launch an affiliate program
3. Recruit affiliates from your niche
4. Promote the referral code
5. Payout affiliate commission promptly
6. Track the performance of the program and refine it for success

How to apply for affiliate links?

To apply for affiliate links, first integrate your store with an Affiliate app for Shopify, craft an affiliate program for your Shopify store, encourage influencers to sign up and a Shopify affiliate marketing app will automatically generate affiliate links for each affiliate. With an automation tool, creating, managing, and tracking links is effortless.

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