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15 Best Shopify Affiliate Program

Owning an online store isn’t the sole method of earning through Shopify; individuals can also generate income by being a part of Shopify Affiliate Programs.

Creating a Shopify store marks just the initial phase for entrepreneurs. The subsequent focus lies on introducing the best ways to customize and enhance store operations to increase efficiency.

To achieve this, Shopify’s partner program for affiliates stands as a valuable resource for entrepreneurs. The benefits of joining any referral program in Shopify extend beyond store building, as it offers opportunities to generate Shopify affiliate revenue through referrals.

This blog will give you a comprehensive overview of various Shopify affiliate programs and the advantages of joining them.

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What is a Shopify Affiliate Program?

Shopify affiliate programs are part of affiliate marketing wherein businesses related to Shopify stores are recommended by Shopify affiliates to entrepreneurs and businesses who have stores in the Shopify e-commerce platform.

For a Shopify store to operate optimally and ensure smooth business operations, owners require a plethora of features such as theme customization, page optimization, billing, and marketing, among others. Numerous businesses specialize in providing these functionalities and offer their affiliate programs for Shopify stores to expand their reach.

Affiliate marketing operates uniformly across platforms, they require the sign-up of a Shopify Affiliate marketer, promotion of affiliate links, tracking and optimization of performance, and ultimately receiving commissions for generated sales. A Shopify affiliate marketing app can help you achieve all this with ease. In this scenario, affiliates can earn Shopify affiliate rewards through Shopify affiliate programs by endorsing these businesses to Shopify owners.

How to select a suitable affiliate program in Shopify?

When selecting a suitable affiliate program in Shopify, several factors must be considered:

  1. Suits your niche: A Shopify affiliate program will deal with various functionalities needed for a Shopify store running from themes to sales reports to marketing to reviews. So, it is important to identify which resonates with your area of interest and sign up as a Shopify affiliate for that program.
  2. Valuable commission rate: Evaluate the commission rates offered by different Shopify affiliate programs. Some programs may feature tiered commission structures or offer a percentage of the total purchase value as commission. Choose a program with a lucrative commission structure that suits your financial goals and requirements for Shopify affiliate earnings.
  3. Longer cookie duration: Cookie duration refers to the timeframe during which customers can purchase after clicking on an affiliate link, thereby attributing the sale to the affiliate. Typically, a longer cookie duration allows ample time to persuade customers to complete their purchases. Prioritize Shopify affiliate programs offering favorable cookie durations to enhance your earning potential.
  4. Transparent Payout: Verify the transparency of payout terms. Look for programs with clearly defined terms regarding payout schedules and preferred payment methods. Shopify affiliate program automation can help in transparency in payout processes for a smooth and predictable income stream for Shopify affiliates.
  5. Long-term commitment: Since many Shopify affiliate programs cater to business-to-business (B2B) customers often subscribe to services on a long-term basis, which means even the Shopify affiliate commission will be long-term. Select a program that offers the potential for maximum profitability and long-term commitment to optimize your marketing journey.

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15 Best Shopify Affiliate Programs

Here is a list of the best Shopify Affiliate programs that can help you make your Shopify store better as well as earn Shopify affiliate revenue

1. Shopify

Shopify helps you to establish your online store, enabling the sale of your products and services worldwide. They have their Shopify affiliate program to reward when people refer merchants to open online stores. With its presence spanning across 170 countries, the Shopify platform serves as the first step for merchants embarking on their entrepreneurial ventures.

Commission: Shopify compensates you with a commission that varies based on location, ranging from $25 to $250.

Payment: Shopify grants your commission once the merchant signs up to Shopify at the full price.

Shopify affiliate program

2. Retainful

Retainful offers automation for your email marketing campaigns, streamlining communication with your customers, and nurturing strong relationships—an essential aspect of any business journey. From welcoming new customers to recovering abandoned carts, leveraging emails efficiently contributes significantly to customer retention.

Commission: Retainful rewards you with a generous 30% commission.

Payment: Expect your commission to be processed at the end of every month.

Additional Feature: Retainful equips affiliates with a comprehensive marketing kit, helping the effective promotion of the product.

Retainful affiliate program

3. TinyIMG

Every Shopify store will have many pictures to make the store look attractive and compelling to scroll. However, these pictures might take time to load, bringing down the loading speed of the website. TinyIMG optimizes the image used in the store to increase the website faster and enhance user experience.

Commission: 50% commission on the first month of the referral and 30% for the next 11 months

Payment: The payment can be withdrawn when the commission reaches the $50 threshold

Additional Feature: TinyIMG offers a 30-day cookie duration.

TinyIMG Affiliate Program

4. PageFly

PageFly offers customization options tailored for your Shopify store for speed enhancement and SEO improvement to elevate its ranking. Their solutions effectively optimize your online store’s performance by minimizing code and streamlining operations.

Commission: For first-month, 50% commission is granted and followed by 30% since the second month

Additional Features: If you have more than 10,000 YouTube subscribers, then they offer better Shopify affiliate commission

PageFly Affiliate Program

5. Printful

If you’ve got creative ideas but need assistance bringing them to life, Printful is here to support you. From apparel to stationery to decor, they customize a wide range of products. Choose from their selection of 340+ premium items and enjoy bulk discounts for larger orders.

Commission: 10% commission on every order of your Shopify referral

Additional Feature: Along with the regular commission, their Shopify affiliate program offers $25 on a first-time subscription

Printful Affiliate Program

6. Gooten

Gooten is another print-on-demand business for customizing products to your specifications. With unlimited SKUs and customizable services, they offer great value for your licensed products.

Commission: Gooten offers $20 as sign up bonus and 3.5% of their revenue as commission for the next 9 months

Additional Feature: Once a Shopify referral signs up through your link, they will receive $20 credit to test Gooten’s products as a trial

Gootan Affiliate Program

7. Bold Commerce

This app provides a customized checkout process tailored to your business needs. As the final step before completing a sale, the checkout screen is critical for conversions and average order value. Ensure a seamless checkout experience with processes in place. Plus, enjoy a 30-day cookie duration in their program.

Commission: Up to 20% of the revenue of the referral is offered every month as long as the Shopify referral remains a customer

Additional Feature: Within 30 days of you becoming a customer of the business, if you refer 10 referrals then commission will be hiked to 25% and will be further upped to 30% if you refer 20 new customers.

Bold affiliate program

8. Sales Hunter Themes

Shopify stores usually prefer to customize themes to suit their business’s aesthetic vision as well as to optimize their store’s performance. This theme offers high page speed and is suitable for mobile viewing too.

Commission: 25% commission on every referral

Payment: Payout is processed on the 5th of every month

Additional Feature: To avoid malpractices, they have a qualification check on each affiliate sale

Sales hunter themes

9. Recharge

Recharge offers a variety of services to enhance the experience of the Shopify store. They help stores with customizable subscriptions, flexible product bundle creation and analyze statistics to provide personalized customer experience. Here, you can either sign up as a merchant who wants to use the service for your store or as an agency partner who helps the merchants elevate the store experience.

Commission: Recharge provides two types of Shopify Affiliate program

(i) Merchant Referral: A Shopify affiliate marketer can refer merchants to sign up to improve their Shopify store operation

(ii) Agency partner: Merchants who require an agency partner to help them with customization are referred.

Recharge affiliate program

10. Loox

Indispensable for any business is social proof that the business stands tall on its claims by providing a good user experience. Loox helps achieve this by managing customer reviews, testimonials, brand photos, etc. They help to make consumer satisfaction regarding the business to others in the right way.

Commission: A portion of the revenue will be shared as commission, determined by the referral value and associated with the scope of their specific Shopify Affiliate program.

Additional Feature: They provide a dedicated partner dashboard to help maintain Shopify affiliates relationship and monitor their performance

Loox affiliate program

11. Weglot

For the business to expand, it inevitably has to reach across boundaries. Online business blurs this boundary with the easy establishment of business everywhere. The experience is made much better with websites being available in many languages. Weglot helps with the translation of the whole Shopify store with full control to edit.

Payment: 21st of the following month

Weglot affiliate program

12. Sufio

Invoice is very pivotal for business as well as customers as it marks a record for business that can be reviewed whenever wanted. An invoice needs to have many details that are unique like invoice number, customer number, etc along with an easy way to manage and track it. Sufio helps to create professional invoices for online businesses.

Commission: 20% monthly for each new customer or can get a one-time payment of 200% of monthly price that can go up to $258

Additional Feature: Intuitive dashboard and partner support to help Shopify affiliate network

sufio affiliate program

13. HeyCarson

They provide services to install your theme, tailor it to your specifications, and enhance the speed of your store to elevate the user experience. Additionally, they facilitate user testing and gather feedback to enhance the store’s quality further.

Commission: This Shopify Affiliate program follows a tiered structure of the Shopify affiliate commission based on referral value
$15K referral value – 10% commission
$25K referral value – 12.5% commission
$50K referral value – 15% commission
Over $50K referral value – 18% commission and an additional 5% on repeat purchase

Heycarson affiliate program

14. AutoDS

Dropshipping refers to a business model where a merchant accepts orders without holding inventory and partners with another company for order fulfillment. AutoDS streamlines the dropshipping process by automating tasks and connecting businesses with reliable dropshippers.

Commission: 20% of referral’s subscription rate

Additional Feature: When a new customer uses your affiliate link they are provided a trial period of 30 days for $1 instead of the usual 14-days

Autods affiliate program

15. Booster

It is a theme for Shopify stores that favors sales and marketing. The theme has extensive customization options, tailored to optimize conversion rates and enhance the speed of the store.

Commission: 20% is the regular commission rate and it can go up to 30% for higher volume.

Booster affiliate program

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Whatever your field of focus is, you will have an opportunity to earn passive income through Shopify affiliate program. Whether your interest is design, sales, operations, or marketing, there’s a Shopify affiliate program tailored to your niche.

You can explore the various programs suggested in this blog or do your research before beginning your Shopify affiliate marketing journey.

Further Reading

How much do Shopify affiliates make?

The earnings that Shopify affiliates make vary widely based on factors like commission rates set by each Shopify Affiliate program. On average, Shopify affiliates can take anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars per month.

Can you do an affiliate program in Shopify?

Yes, you can do an affiliate program in Shopify. Many businesses offer specifically tailored affiliate programs for Shopify stores, allowing affiliates to earn Shopify affiliate rewards by promoting their products or services.

How do you earn commission on Shopify?

To earn commission on Shopify, you need to sign up for a Shopify affiliate program and generate referral sales. This typically involves sharing your unique affiliate link with potential customers. You’ll earn a commission for each sale made through your affiliate link.

How to start Shopify affiliate marketing?

To start Shopify affiliate marketing, begin by joining any Shopify affiliate program. Once you’re enrolled, promote products or services using your affiliate link through various platforms to drive sales and earn commissions.

Is becoming a Shopify affiliate free?

Yes, becoming a Shopify affiliate is usually free. You can sign up for Shopify affiliate programs without any upfront costs. You will receive your unique affiliate link, and start promoting to earn commissions.

Does Shopify offer an affiliate program?

Yes, Shopify offers an affiliate program. For every referral an affiliate brings, they will be awarded a commission based on the location ranging from $25 to $150.

How do I get a commission on Shopify?

To receive a commission on Shopify, you need to sign up for a Shopify affiliate program and generate sales through your unique affiliate link. Once the merchant signs up for a Shopify account, the commission will be rewarded to the affiliate.

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