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How to set up your Instagram affiliate marketing?

Social media facilitates performance-based marketing which lies at the heart of the success of Instagram’s affiliate marketing strategy.

Instagram is one of the top social media apps that clocks around 2 Billion users monthly. Brands mark their presence on Instagram not only to build their affiliate marketing but also to make their brand relevant in today’s digital world.

Influencer marketing has proved to be more vital with 70% of people looking for recommendations on Instagram to make their next purchase. So, building Instagram affiliate marketing will help businesses reach a wider audience while increasing sales.

Tap into the vast pool of social media’s billion users by maximizing your Instagram affiliate marketing potential.

What is Instagram affiliate marketing?

Instagram affiliate marketing leverages the extensive pool of influencers on Instagram to be part of your affiliate program. Affiliate marketing, a subset of digital marketing, utilizes affiliates to promote businesses and earn commissions instead of sales generated.

When an influencer enrolls in an affiliate program on Instagram, they promote your brand through sponsored posts and stories, incorporating their affiliate link or code. Followers who are interested in the products can make purchases using the Instagram affiliate link, and the affiliate receives a pre-agreed upon commission for each sale.

It is preparatory to join Instagram’s creator marketplace to connect with the top Affiliate marketers on Instagram. 

Pros of using Instagram Affiliate Marketing

The pros of using Instagram Affiliate marketing will validate the effort put in. 

  1. Brand Awareness: Instagram with its millions of users is the epicenter of significant events in any industry. Being part of this ecosystem will increase the relevance and awareness of the brand. Instagram trends and the virality they bring among consumers can be capitalized on while creating Instagram affiliate content. 
  2. Social Proof: Instagram is the hub of influencers who build their personal brand by meticulously curating their Instagram affiliate account. By enlisting these influencers in your Instagram affiliate marketing campaign, leverage their credibility to amplify brand authenticity and drive higher affiliate income on Instagram.
  3. Robust Algorithm: Instagram has its dedicated algorithm to provide valid content to its users. They have a ‘For you’ section where content based on the user’s previous search interest will be displayed. So, recruiting niche-specific Instagram Affiliate Partnerships will make your products reach the right audience. Enabling Instagram Affiliate Ads will also reach the right audience. 
  4. Compelling Visual: Instagram is known for its aesthetic visual appeal. Encouraging affiliates to provide an attractive visual of the product in the form of a photo or video while posting for affiliate programs on Instagram will increase the chance of easily alluring the audience to make a purchase. 
  5. Mobile friendly: The world is majorly mobile friendly as it is easy to use and access. Instagram is one of the major apps occupying most mobile screens. So, access to Instagram affiliate marketing programs on mobile will make it easier for people to click and explore. 
  6. In-built Analytics: For business accounts, Instagram provides analytics of various insights like clicks, user visits, demographics of users, etc. Analyzing Instagram insights to refine Affiliate Marketing strategies will help optimize the affiliate program on Instagram. 

Additionally, beyond Instagram affiliate marketing, it has become essential for brands to establish a presence on social media platforms to stay relevant and foster closer connections with customers to cultivate relationships.

Streamline the recruitment of influencers for your affiliate marketing program through automation.

How to do affiliate marketing on Instagram?

To do affiliate marketing on Instagram, it is important to follow the steps mentioned to maximize success. 

1. Integrate an affiliate marketing app

Various automation tools will help you streamline the whole process of an Instagram affiliate marketing campaign. It will not only help in the seamless creation of the program but also in managing, monitoring, and tracking throughout the program. Apps like Afflr also enable integration with other apps like PayPal or Klaviyo to ease the process more. 

2. Create an affiliate program for Instagram

Creating an affiliate program for Instagram needs a structured approach. It is imperative to set the commission rate to match market standards. Instagram is a competitive platform and so for the Instagram affiliates to have a personal stake in endorsing the brand, create a seamless process and attractive commission rates. 

3. Switch to a business account

Instagram offers additional features for a business account over a personal account. These features include having a contact button, insights dashboard, profile customization, and access to the creator’s studio. It is wise for brands to have a business account and also hire Instagram affiliate partners who have professional Instagram affiliate accounts.

4. Recruit Instagram influencers

Before choosing top affiliate marketers on Instagram to be part of your Instagram affiliate marketing journey, conduct research on the popular and trustworthy affiliates in your niche. Ensure these Instagram affiliate marketers create high-quality content and monitor their Instagram affiliate posts to check the content quality. Work on trial collaboration before long-term commitment and discuss terms before signing an agreement. 

When utilized and promoted effectively, these affiliate links can help your affiliate marketing on Instagram. Leveraging an affiliate marketing tool such as Afflr enables the automatic generation of Instagram affiliate links for individual affiliates. They also enable easy tracking of these links and accurate calculation of commission earned by the affiliate marketer. 

6. Analyze and optimize

To evaluate the success of the program and also to identify the scope of optimization, it is important to study the analytics of the key metrics involved in Instagram affiliate marketing. There are some of the best affiliate marketing apps that can automate tracking and monitoring of real-time metrics. 

Instagram Affiliate Marketing Best Practices

Following these best practices for your Instagram affiliate marketing will surge the reach and scale of the program. 

  1. Find your niche: It is easy to get lost in the vast sea of millions of users of Instagram. So, you must identify the perfect niche and your right target audience. For instance, if you’re selling beauty products, partnering with a beauty influencer would be more effective than an unspecified content creator. Furthermore, explore popular Affiliate marketing name ideas for Instagram in your niche and choose a fitting title accordingly.
  2. Add link in bio: Optimizing Affiliate links for Bio is a must as Instagram usually allows clickable links only in the bio and not in the post description. So, while creating a sponsored post for your Instagram affiliate marketing programs make sure to add a Call To Action (CTA) in the description that leads the link in the bio. 
  3. Save your stories: While using Instagram stories for affiliate product recommendations, you can add a clickable affiliate link, provided you have over 10K followers. However, these stories will stay only for 24 hours before they disappear unless you store them in highlights. So, it is easy to access stories and present an aesthetic look to the affiliate account if you save all stories related to a particular Instagram affiliate marketing campaign as highlights. 
  4. Use hashtags: A clear-cut way to reach the targeted audience in any social media is by using the relevant hashtag. Algorithms use these hashtags to make your Instagram affiliate content reach users who might be interested. Hashtags are simply keywords following a # symbol, like #affiliatemakrting. Research top keywords particular to your niche on Instagram. 
  5. Interact with affiliates: Instagram provides a way to interact with customers and build a solid relationship. So, when an Instagram affiliate or customer makes a post or story, respond to it by sharing, liking, or commenting. Respond as a prompt to criticism as to appreciation. Be hands-on in managing all activities related to Instagram affiliate marketing.
  6. Encourage storytelling: Social media isn’t just a place to endorse your products but a place to be your organic self. So, encourage them to create Instagram affiliate posts that tell a personal story about the brand. Even brands can connect with users by sharing behind-the-scenes stories of building the brand and anecdotes related to Instagram affiliate marketing. 
  7. Operate with transparency: Clear disclosures and honest communication about sponsored content and Instagram affiliate partnerships foster authenticity, leading to stronger relationships and higher engagement. Transparency ensures ethical practices and compliance with regulations, enhancing the overall reputation of your brand.
  8. Post collaborations: Instagram thrives on organic support creators and brands provide each other. There are various instances where brands or creators post reels and stories in collaboration with their contemporaries. It is a sign of healthy competition when such joint efforts are witnessed. This not only engages the audience but also builds a positive image of the brand and influencer.  
  9. Run sponsored posts: Running sponsored posts amplifies Instagram affiliate marketing reach by expanding across borders, and targeting specific audiences for higher engagement and credibility. This leads to increased visibility and improved conversion rates, ultimately boosting Instagram affiliate income.
Instagram Affiliate Marketing Example

This screenshot is an example of how a structured and visually appealing account organizes links in the bio and story highlights, facilitating user accessibility and maintaining an organized Instagram affiliate marketing program.

Peruse a variety of Instagram affiliate marketing examples to see firsthand how these best practices can be seamlessly integrated to maximize success for your affiliate program.

Elevate your niche market presence to increase brand awareness in social media through Affiliate marketing 


Establishing an Instagram affiliate marketing strategy expands your audience reach and enhances brand relevance, amplifying brand awareness. Leveraging Instagram, a leading social media platform, elevates the potential of your affiliate program. 

This blog equips you with essential insights to understand the benefits of Instagram affiliate marketing and optimize its setup for success.

Further Reading 

Can I do affiliate marketing on Instagram?

Yes, you can do affiliate marketing on Instagram by partnering with influencers and promoting the products or services through Instagram affiliate links.

How do I find Instagram affiliates?

You can find Instagram affiliates by reaching out to influencers or content creators in your niche, joining Instagram affiliate networks, or using affiliate marketing platforms to connect with potential affiliates.

Is affiliate marketing on Instagram profitable?

Affiliate marketing on Instagram can be profitable if you effectively recruit Instagram influencers to promote products and drive conversions through affiliate links.

How many followers do you need for affiliate links on Instagram?

The number of followers required for affiliate links on Instagram can vary depending on the scope of Instagram’s affiliate marketing. Some Instagram affiliate marketing programs may have minimum follower requirements, while others may not.

How to get paid on Instagram?

You can get paid on Instagram through various methods, including sponsored posts, Instagram affiliate marketing programs, selling products or services, etc.

What is the difference between affiliate marketing and influencer marketing?

Affiliate marketing involves promoting products or services through affiliate links and earning commissions on sales, while influencer marketing focuses on collaborating with influencers to create sponsored content for brands.

Are affiliate programs free?

Yes, many affiliate programs are free. You will pay a commission when a customer purchases using the affiliate link. 

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