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A Complete Guide on Affiliate Email Marketing for Shopify

By embracing affiliate email marketing, you can merge two potent digital marketing approaches to enhance the performance of your Shopify store.

Reports indicate that 60% of customers are swayed to make purchases by timely promotional emails. Consider the amplified effectiveness of your affiliate marketing campaign when combined with the persuasive prowess of email marketing.

We, in this blog, help you understand the impact of affiliate email marketing on your Shopify store by highlighting best practices and strategies that can be followed for the best results.

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What is Affiliate Email Marketing?

Affiliate email marketing is sending timely emails that include the details of the affiliate and referral programs of the business encouraging sign-ups to join the affiliate network.

Email marketing for affiliate marketers will keep affiliates engaged fostering a standing relationship. It will also pave the way for organic ways to educate and inform your affiliates and customers about your latest affiliate and referral marketing programs.

Another advantageous aspect is also a way to remind them of the benefits of collaboration and nudge them to spread the word about the business.

Apart from prompting them to participate, affiliate email marketing is also a way to motivate affiliates which will lead to greater conversion and sales of the business.

Benefits of using Email Marketing for Affiliate Program

The benefits of using email marketing for affiliate programs are:

  1. Affordable – Email marketing is the simplest approach to reaching your customers and affiliates. Utilizing a user-friendly and efficient Affiliate email marketing Shopify app can seamlessly handle your Shopify Affiliate email campaign. Compared to the investment of money and time that goes into email marketing, the outcome is far more favorable.
  2. Personalize and Target – Using affiliate email marketing, you can personalize the email content by studying the nature and preference of each affiliate. This informed targeting will increase the possibility of those emails converting into affiliate sign-ups and sales. Tailor-made affiliate marketing emails will also nurture trust and relationships with the business.
  3. Expand and scale – Adapting email marketing for affiliate programs to the expanding e-commerce business’s scale is easy. This is possible as the email templates are reusable and sending bulk emails takes only a few clicks.
  4. Analyze and Learn – Being on top of the analytics will help you understand what is the kind of emails that affiliates engage with. This will help create better content that upholds affiliate interest and engagement which will benefit the business. Analysis can help you refine and optimize your affiliate email marketing.

How to build an Email list for Affiliate Marketing?

To build an email list for affiliate marketing, you need to reach out to affiliates and customers to sign up for your list. The different ways to achieve this are:

  1. Use landing page – Leverage your affiliate landing page to collect email IDs for your affiliate email marketing campaign. Anyone who likes what your affiliate or referral programs offer and requires more information will sign up for your emails.
  2. Use pop-ups – Engage with customers with pop-ups while using the website. The popup can in simple one line communicate the advantage of joining the email list of affiliate email marketing. However, ensure to provide provisions to close the pop or prevent it from appearing henceforth. The popups can be placed in strategic places like the checkout page or home page.
  3. Use social media promotion – Actively promote sign-up links for your affiliate email marketing campaign on social media. This will broaden the reach bringing in sign-ups from a wide area.
  4. Use subscription form – Create a visually pleasing subscription form with a clear CTA to help interested affiliates subscribe. You can add these subscription forms in different places on your website or social media to help increase sign-ups for your affiliate email marketing.

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8 strategies for Affiliate Email Marketing campaign

The strategies for Affiliate marketing campaign that can make your affiliate marketing a success are:

1. Personalize Affiliate Email content

To differentiate your affiliate marketing promotional emails from the flood of others, it’s essential to customize the content to match each recipient’s interests.

Instead of solely focusing on your message, incorporate tailored content that captivates recipients for the long term. This could include sharing informative updates on industry trends or offering exclusive discounts and promotions.

An affiliate has to feel that signing up to the affiliate email marketing has been of value so that they continue the subscription and encourage their referrals to connect with your brand.

2. Promote Affiliate Program

Find ways to organically promote the features of your affiliate program and clear instructions on ways to register to be part of the same.

Be transparent about the terms of the program. Begin by clearly outlining the terms of the program, including commissions offered, and provide concise product briefs to ensure affiliates understand what they’re signing up for. Ensure that the tone is informative rather than promotional.

In your affiliate email marketing emails, subtly incorporate calls-to-action (CTAs) that are visually apparent yet contextually subtle. Experiment with the design and copy of the CTAs to maximize engagement. For example, instead of a straightforward “Sign up as an affiliate,” consider labeling it as “Join our network” for a more inviting tone.

3. Segment and Target Affiliates

Group affiliates with similar personas into one group. This is called segmentation.

This segmentation can happen in terms of demographics, interests, age, traits, and shopping preferences. Innately, it is believed that people who fall under similar conditions might enjoy the same content. You can also craft affiliate marketing email templates to cater to different segments.

For instance, people who belong to the same geographic location (like the same country) might have the same holidays which might be the right time to encourage them to spread a positive word about your business by becoming an affiliate.

Knowing who is your target audience can help you better your affiliate email marketing results and garner better outcomes.

4. Build an Email subscription list

Your affiliate email marketing emails cannot be sent to anyone whose email you have access to. The recipient must be willing to be part of your referral marketing email list.

To get the email ID, build a popup that collects the mail ID while mentioning how the emails will help them.

Email Subscription Popup

Here is an Affiliate marketing email example of a popup from an e-commerce website Notshy.

The email subscription pop-up includes all the essential elements needed, such as:

  • What being part of the email list entitles: 10% offer on first order
  • CTA: Place to enter the email ID and button to click on to subscribe
  • Link to privacy policy that the recipient should be aware of
  • A close button just in case the customer doesn’t want to respond.

5. Include Social Proof

Reviews and testimonials will strengthen and support all your claims about your brand. You can include in your email snippets of social proof of happy customers being satisfied by your product or service.

The purpose of including social proof as a part of your affiliate email marketing emails is not to brag but to showcase your trustworthiness to the affiliates.

You can present these testimonials by including them as videos, case studies, or bytes from users.

6. Provision to unsubscribe

A customer, despite voluntarily subscribing to your affiliate email marketing list, might choose to opt out of it any time they wish. It is mandatory to provide provisions for recipients to be able to unsubscribe from the affiliate marketing email list.

Following is an Affiliate marketing email example to give an unsubscribe option in the email

Unsubscribe button for email

When recipient chooses to unsubscribe, you can get feedback from them on why they chose to part ways from receiving emails. This feedback will help you understand what is expected by the affiliate or customer and enable you to craft better content.

7. Monitor Emails frequency

While your email ought to be consistent, they shouldn’t end up becoming spam. So, spilt the interval between affiliate marketing emails methodically to be occasional but regular enough for the affiliates to stay connected with the brand.

Monitoring and managing the email frequency for your affiliate email marketing will increase your mail open rate as well as reduce spam complaints. Recipients will show more affinity to check out the content.

8. Measure Affiliate Email Performance

Measuring affiliate email performance is not limited to analyzing recipient’s feedback. It also includes leveraging email marketing apps to provide more intrinsic and insightful analysis.

Some of the key performance metrics that can be considered while measuring the performance in affiliate email marketing are open rate, engagement rate, unsubscribe rate, email forwarding rate, etc.

Being in control of these analytics will help you optimize the mail content, timing, frequency, and other elements to elevate the efficiency of the affiliate email marketing campaign.

Using an Affiliate email marketing Shopify app can help you effortlessly handle all the strategies and make your affiliate email campaign a success.

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Affiliate email marketing will enable you to reap the benefits of two of the most beneficial modern marketing techniques. Along with engaging customers and affiliates to sign up for your affiliate marketing program, you can also build a trusted community for your brand and foster long-term relationships.

This blog will equip you with knowledge of the benefits of email marketing for affiliate marketers as well as strategies to build your Affiliate email campaigns.

Further Reading

Can you put affiliate links in emails?

Yes, you can put affiliate links in emails. Ensure that the affiliate links are included contextually along with details about the brand, products, and affiliate program. Using emails to promote your affiliate link and program will help reach more people through emails.

Does email marketing work for affiliate marketing?

Yes, email marketing works for affiliate marketing. You can build an email list with all the interested customers and affiliates and send them personalized emails at pre-decided intervals to share with them about your new products, program, and other updates. This will help you engage more and foster healthy relationships.

How do I collect emails for affiliate marketing?

You can collect emails for affiliate marketing by creating a dedicated subscription pop-up or form for it. This form should contain details about the affiliate program, a clear CTA, a link to terms and conditions, and a provision to exit the form.

What kind of email should I use for affiliate marketing?

The kinds of emails to be used for affiliate marketing are promotional emails, product reviews, tutorials, and exclusive offers. Tailor content to match audience interests and needs, fostering engagement and trust using affiliate email marketing.

How to make money with email affiliate marketing?

Make money with email affiliate marketing by promoting products, building a loyal community, and optimizing for conversions. Focus on providing value, building relationships, and nurturing affiliate partnerships.

How to run email marketing?

To run email marketing campaigns craft compelling content, segment your audience, personalize messages, and analyze performance metrics. Utilize automation tools to test and refine your strategies for optimal results continuously.

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