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11 Best Customer Referral Program Examples

Imagine converting your customers into sales pitchers. This is exactly what a customer referral program does.

Your customers might love your products or services. However, they will need an extra nudge to promote your brand to their friends and family.

To ensure this, you can motivate your customers by giving them a simple referral reward in return for bringing new customers and sales to your Shopify business.

Therefore, how you promote your customer referral program in Shopify is important. Here, you will see examples of some of the best referral programs for e-commerce stores to help you design yours better.

Reach a greater set of audience easily by creating a referral program for your Shopify store.

What is a referral program?

A referral program is a marketing strategy where businesses approach their existing customers or others to tell their friends or family about the brand in return for rewards.

Using a customer referral program for your Shopify store will not only help you bring in new customers but also develop relationships with your existing customers and retain them.

To attract customers and encourage them to become their brand advocates, Shopify owners give them rewards in the form of commissions, gift cards, or coupons. Some businesses also award considerable discounts to the referrals these customers bring.

Having an active Shopify customer referral program in place will help the business grow its revenue proportionally. Apart from that, building a referral program will also help the Shopify store build a brand of authenticity and increase awareness.

How to Create a Customer Referral Program

To create a customer referral program for your Shopify store, you can follow the steps:

  • Set Goals and Outcome: The purpose of a referral program can be customer acquisition, customer retention or simply understanding how many satisfied customers you have. It is important to decide the goal and outcome of the program so that we can ensure we are traveling the right path and know when we have reached the end line.
  • Set Flexible Rewards and Discounts: An easy way to motivate satisfied customers to recommend your products and services is by setting attractive rewards for customers and discounts for referrals. These rewards should be proportional to the sales and can be adjusted based on the performance of the customers.
  • Set Customer Referral Program Landing Page: Your customers will need full disclosure of what the customer referral program entitles and what’s in it for them. So, promote your customer referral link and guide them to your landing page that contains all information like commission rates, product details, payment details, etc.
  • Set KPI for Performance Measurement: The most important part of your customer referral program campaign has to be monitoring the performance of the program and customer referrals to check how to improve it to maximize your referral sales. Therefore, decide the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and refine your program for better output.

The easiest way to automate and manage all these important factors in the creation of a referral program for your Shopify store is by using the best customer referral program software. A Shopify referral app can help make your work easier by effortlessly taking care of your customer referral program campaign.

11 best customer referral program examples

The best customer referral program examples are studied and analyzed here to help you craft your own for your Shopify store. Understand the important elements in building your referral program to elevate your sales and conversion.

Some of the best referral programs are:

1. Friendly Planet

Friendly Planet is a travel company that organizes tours to various destinations across the globe.

Friendly Planet Referral Program

Landing Page: Their landing page provides all the information you will want to know about their customer referral program in four simple steps. This depiction conveys to the customers what they should know. Apart from this, they also provide payout and Fine Print details so customers are very keen about what they are getting into.

Customer Reward: $100 off on their next booking

Referral Discount: $100 off on their first booking

Additional Information: You can also gift your $100 offer to someone of your choice

2. Rothy’s

It is a brand for footwear for women, men, and kids. They also make bags and other accessories.

Rothy's Referral Program

Landing Page: They have a pretty straightforward landing page for the customer referral program. It is simply a card that explains the referral rewards and discount followed by a request for an email ID if you are interested in being part of it. Once you give your email ID, you will receive more details regarding the program.

This is an interesting way of filtering people who are interested in being part of the program from the ones who just want to test the waters.

Customer Reward: $20 off on each offer redeemed.

Referral Discount: $20 off on orders above $50

Additional Information: Limited to US residents

3. Weekendbee

Weekendbee makes activewear clothes for men and women. Their collection is suitable for comfortable weekends, travel, and gyms.

Weekendbee Referral Program

Landing Page: Their Refer a Friend program page has details about the commission and discounts. It also specifies the ideal customer will be someone interested in spending time outdoors.

However, the page doesn’t offer a clear CTA. It doesn’t say where or how someone interested in signing up for the program has to approach the stores.

Even though they do provide a chat facility to ask any questions we have, not providing a clear idea on how to join the program upfront is a drawback.

Customer Reward: 10€ commission

Referral Discount: 10€ discount

Additional Information: Discount codes are valid only for 30 days

An attractive customer referral landing page can help convince more customers to be part of your referral marketing campaign

4. Savor Beauty

Savor Beauty is a beauty brand that makes natural skincare products. They have a variety of products along with planners and books.

Savor Beauty Referral program

Landing Page: They have a very simple yet informative page to convey what their customer referral program offers. They have placed their CTA button in the right place for customers to find and a concise copy that says “Join Now”.

They have included FAQs regarding their referral program to clear the doubts of the customers.

Customer Reward: $25 off on the next order

Referral Discount: $25 discount on first order

Additional Information: Rewards and discounts are applicable only if the total order value is above $50. This discount code cannot be combined with other discounts.

5. FitnessFirst

It is a fitness club where you can take membership to get trained by experts. They offer easy scheduling and also a free trial.

FitnessFirst Referral Program

Landing Page: While referring a friend, the existing customer is offered free sessions for 2 weeks. A link is attached to the Terms and conditions associated with the client referral program for easy access.

A submission form with required fields is embedded in the page to submit the details of your referrals.

Customer Reward: 2 Week free session

Referral Discount: None

Additional Information: A maximum of 70 free days can be availed by referring 5 friends to the business.

6. Thrift Books

It is an online bookstore that sells used books for affordable prices. They have a wide range of books and also post relevant blogs and articles.

ThriftBooks Referral Program

Landing Page: Their referral page landing page offers all the details regarding their customer referral program. They have only mentioned the rewards, conditions, and unmistakable CTA.

Reviews and testimonials are included on the page to build credibility for their business.

Customer Reward: Free book if your referral creates an account and makes a purchase for over $30

Referral Discount: Free book

Additional Information: The new customer must create an account with Thrift Books and join the ReadingRewards program to be considered a valid referral.

7. Pact

It is an apparel brand for men and women. They have a variety of collections that are certified to be sustainable.

Pact Referral Program

Landing Page: The customer referral page displays the products. It employs emotional makreting which means it showcases happy people wearing their clothes. This will spread positive opinions about the brand and motivate them to purchase.

The page also includes the needed details regarding the program. They collect the email ID of the interested customer to add to the program.

Customer Reward: $20 credit on your next purchase

Referral Discount: 20% off on their first purchase

Additional Information: Only new customers can join this program and it is restricted to US residents only.

8. Homefield

Homefield is an e-commerce store that sells sports merchandise. They have a variety of collections like hoodies, sweatshirts, caps, etc.

Homefield Referral Program

Landing Page: Their page contains all the details of the customer referral program. They have depicted the process in the program in steps.

They have embedded a chat that guides you on how to join the program. That chat also contains details of the program as well as VIP members’ loyalty points. A CTA to become a member of the program is also available in the chat.

The referral page also contains the products that are applicable for referral.

Customer Reward: 20% off on the next order

Referral Discount: 20% off on first order

Additional Information: You can also earn loyalty points and redeem them later.

9. ToyToys

This store sells and rents toys, books, puzzles etc for kids. They sell all brand products. They cater to kids between 0 to 12 years.

ToysToys Referral Program

Landing Page: The customer referral program page of this store stays true to its business by including colors and animated images.

They have a drop-down list where their products are filtered based on age, brand, type, etc.

They have not mentioned what the benefits of joining their referral program are. There is also the omission of discounts or benefits that will be offered to the referrals.

They have a form where email IDs of customers and referrals are requested. Apart from that, there is no mention of how the customer referral program will be taken forward.

10. EveryTable

They make ready-to-eat meals. The ingredients are sourced locally and prepared freshly every day.

EveryTable Referral Program

Landing Page: Their referral page has a very impactful product displacement of two people happily eating. This will spread the vibe of the business to customers.

The benefits of the program are explained in precise language along with a CTA button.

Customer Reward:$40 off for each person referred

Referral Discount: $40 off on first order

Additional Information: You have to sign up to become part of the program.

11. iWader

iWader sells gear and clothes needed for fishing. They offer to customize the sizes of their accessories and fishing wardrobes.

iWader Referral Program

Landing Page: Their program provides information about rewards and discounts. They have also included FAQs to address important queries.

They have included a “Why Choose iWader” section to share the positives of the business with everyone.

Customer Reward: 15% of the referral’s order value

Referral Discount: 5% off on first order

Additional Information: There is an additional $100 commission on the 4th consecutive referral order in one month

You can use some of these examples as a customer referral program template to create a program for your Shopify store.

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A customer referral program improves the sales and conversion of a Shopify store by a large margin. Design your referral marketing campaign to target your specific audience. This will ensure your message resonates with them.

Create a referral program landing page that is attractive and informative. Include a clear call to action to prompt your customers to participate.

Refer to the customer referral examples in the blog to take inspiration and create your own for your Shopify store.

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What is the objective of the customer referral program?

The objective of the customer referral program is simple. Motivate satisfied customers with rewards and commissions to promote the products or services of the Shopify store. This will increase conversions and bring more sales.

How do you generate customer referrals?

You can generate customer referrals by approaching your satisfied customers through email marketing or Thank you page pop-ups and requesting them to promote your business in return for rewards, commission, or loyalty points.

What are the 3 types of referral?

The 3 types of referrals are Direct referrals, Customer Referrals, and social media referrals.

How do I set up a referral program?

To set up a referral program:
1. Define a clear goal
2. Set Flexible commission and discount
3. Promote your referral program
4. Pick the right automation app for referral marketing
5. Measure and optimize the Performance

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