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10 Best Shopify Referral Apps in 2024

To start a referral program for Shopify, you must use a Shopify referral app. This can significantly simplify management.

Shopping decisions majorly depend on referrals and recommendations from trusted sources. Therefore, implement a referral program for your Shopify store. Motivate your customers with referral rewards to refer the products to their friends and family. This can increase your sales and revenue.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the advantages of integrating a Shopify Referral app and highlight some of the best referral apps for Shopify available.

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Why do you need a Referral app for Shopify stores?

One needs a Referral app for the Shopify store as it streamlines the entire process of creating, executing, and managing referral marketing campaigns in Shopify.

  • Referral Apps on Shopify help from the first step of program creation and even allow customization of referral rewards.
  • These apps enable unique referral codes and link generation for each customer. This link can be shared among the friends and family of the customer.
  • The Shopify referral app also supports tracking of sales and commission.
  • When someone purchases using a referral code, the customer becomes eligible for Shopify Referral incentive which is monitored and accurately calculated by the app.
  • Additionally, some of the best Shopify referral program apps facilitate the distribution of rewards, whether in the form of discounts or gift cards, simplifying the entire process.
  • Furthermore, the Shopify referral app excels in analyzing key metrics, providing valuable insights that aid businesses in making informed decisions to optimize their programs effectively.

By adopting Shopify Referral App revenue boosting strategies to enhance your Shopify referral marketing, you can make the management of the program easier along with increasing customer acquisition, retention, and sales.

How to choose the best Shopify Referral App?

To choose the best Shopify Referral App you must be aware of the following factors:

  1. Choose an app with reasonable pricing: Getting value for your money is a fundamental principle in business. When selecting a pricing plan, assess whether the investment in a particular Shopify referral app will yield a satisfactory return. Also, ensure that the features and benefits provided justify the price paid.
  2. Choose a Referral Program App for Shopify that supports your goal: Identify the objective and goal of your Shopify referral program. To achieve this, conduct a thorough analysis of target demographics, interests, expected outcomes of the program, etc. Next, evaluate if the chosen Shopify referral app suits the purpose and has features to support all your needs.
  3. Choose the best Shopify referral app with the right features: Every program has a different requirement. For some, having several types of commission and customization of referral rewards might be pointless while for some it might be the core of the Shopify referral marketing strategy. So, choose what suits your requirements.
  4. Choose a referral app in Shopify that is easy to use: Customer who uses the Shopify referral app may or may not be tech-savvy. Ensure to choose an app that has a very user-friendly UI and is easy to adopt by anyone. This will considerably reduce the time taken for learning and execution.
  5. Choose a referral app in Shopify that favors scaling: Investment in the app isn’t just money but also time and data. Therefore, a business cannot afford to keep switching apps as the business grows. Shopify referral apps should be picked with long-term commitment and the possibility of scale in mind.

Before choosing the best Shopify referral app to integrate with your Shopify store, try free trials to understand the features and user experience. It will help to have a clear idea of what you are looking for in a program and which one is suitable for you.

The best referral apps for Shopify are:

  1. Affiliate Marketing ‑ Afflr
  2. Referral Candy & Affiliate
  3. UpPromote Affiliate Marketing
  4. BON: Loyalty Rewards Referrals
  5. Gift Cards & Loyalty
  6. Smile: Loyalty & Rewards
  7. Referral Program ‑ Shopjar
  8. BLOOP Referral Program, Reward
  9. Stamped Product Reviews & UGC
  10. LoyaltyLion Rewards & Referral

Tiring backend works involved with word-of-mouth marketing can be handled effortlessly by Afflr.

10 Best Shopify Referral Apps

The 10 Best Shopify referral apps that can help you elevate your Shopify referral marketing campaign are:

1. Affiliate Marketing ‑ Afflr

Afflr offers a seamless solution for launching your Shopify referral program and tailoring discounts and referral rewards to your needs. Particularly beneficial for small businesses in their early stages, Afflr provides a cost-effective approach to growing your customer base.

Implementing and navigating Afflr is straightforward, thanks to its user-friendly interface and uncomplicated setup process.

One standout feature of this Shopify Referral App is the ability to create a referral sign-up page to attract brand advocates. Upon signing up, users automatically receive referral links encouraging them to share for purchases and further engagement.

With Afflr, Shopify referral tracking is efficient and accurate. Afflr simplifies the process of managing referral marketing, automating reward allocation while maintaining transparency and precision in referral tracking.

Afflr Shopify Referral App

Key Features

  • Their free version also offers a wide variety of features
  • Streamlining workflow and payment through integration with third-party apps
  • Effortless to set up and implement a Shopify referral program for small businesses and beginners
  • Offers 14-day money-back guarantee

Rating: 5/5


Their premium pack is priced at $9/month

2. Referral Candy & Affiliate

ReferralCandy & Affiliate streamlines your marketing efforts by automating the process, eliminating the need for human intervention.

Setting up your program is effortless with its user-friendly interface. Additionally, they assist in retargeting customers, encouraging them to participate in your program and drive engagement.

With the ability to integrate your program seamlessly with your business logo and images, you can maintain a similar aesthetic across your Shopify store.

Moreover, customizing Shopify Referral Codes or coupons awarded to referrals allows for a personalized touch that resonates with your audience.

This Shopify refer-a-friend app also prioritizes security with its fraud detection features, enabling you to identify and address any violations swiftly.

Referral Candy Shopify Referral App

Key Features

  • Integration with key marketing tools like ReCharge, Skio, etc
  • Monitors referral link clicks and consecutive sale

Rating: 4.9/5


Although they provide a trial period, they are priced as high as $59/month even at the basic pack, and $299/year for premium

3. UpPromote Affiliate Marketing

UpPromote stands out as the most popular Shopify referral app serving as a comprehensive solution to streamline all types of word-of-mouth marketing efforts. With its user-friendly interface, launching and customizing is effortless.

For enterprise packages, UpPromote offers a range of functionalities, including listing in the UpPromote marketplace and multi-store support.

Additionally, clients receive dedicated account managers to address all their business needs related to influencer marketing, ensuring personalized attention and support.

Beyond standard customization options, UpPromote also enables further personalization to align with specific business requirements, making it a versatile solution for businesses.

UpPromote Shopify Referral App

Key Features

  • Offers unlimited referral link generation
  • Concise analytics to manage referral tracking

Rating: 4.9/5


They have a free plan with basic features and the enterprise package is $199.9/per month

4. BON: Loyalty Rewards Referrals

Bon is a Shopify referral app that makes your referral marketing easy with over 18 point earning actions.

You can tailor-make your widget, page, emails, etc to suit your brand’s theme. This will provide a personalized touch to referral marketing.

They make it easy to migrate from other apps. Additionally, offer 24*7 technical support to help Shopify owners.

Bon Shopify Referral App

Key Features

  • Provide fully customizable rewards to referrals
  • Supports 250+ languages

Rating: 4.9/5


They have a generous free plan and their highest plan is priced at $349/ month.

5. Gift Cards & Loyalty, a Shopify Referral App, offers a comprehensive solution for both referral and affiliate marketing. It empowers businesses to execute bulk discount campaigns and distribute bulk gift cards efficiently.

It simplifies the process of issuing gift cards when refunds are initiated, ensuring a seamless customer experience. These gift cards can be scheduled for delivery and reminders can be sent to customers, enhancing engagement of your program. Shopify Referral App

Key Features

  • Supports multi-store credit
  • Enabling businesses to generate numerous gift cards at once

Rating: 4.8/5


Price starts at $19.99/month and highest is at $599.9/month

6. Smile: Loyalty & Rewards

Smile is a Shopify refer-a-friend app designed to streamline the creation of your program, offering a wide range of customization options to ensure that rewards align perfectly with your brand identity.

Smile eliminates the need for coding skills, making it accessible to all levels of expertise. Plus, with their dedicated 24/7 customer support team, you can rest assured that any technical queries or issues will be promptly addressed.

One of Smile’s standout features is its robust reporting capabilities. From sales attribution to key performance metrics and financial reports, you’ll have access to comprehensive data insights that can inform your marketing strategies and drive growth. Shopify Referral App

Key Features

  • Automated email reminders
  • Translate the program to 6 preset languages

Rating: 4.9/5


The basic pack starts at $49/month and goes as high as $999/month.

7. Referral Program ‑ Shopjar

This Referral App on Shopify is suitable for creating affiliate marketing and referral marketing. They additionally offer to send WhatsApp messages to recover abandoned carts at a timely interval.

With its multipurpose capabilities, this app is an invaluable asset for businesses aiming to elevate their Shopify referral marketing strategies.

This app offers guest login functionality using OTP. This means that even customers without a Shopify account can participate in your partner program, expanding your reach and potential customer base.

Another striking feature of this Shopify Referral App is providing the ability to set tiered rewards. This feature encourages engagement and loyalty among your customers, ultimately driving growth.

Shopjar Shopify Referral App

Key Features

  • They provide a landing page for a referral program
  • Popup features to enhance user experience
  • Unlimited addition of members

Rating: 4.8/5


The starter pack is $5/month while the premium is $29/month

8. BLOOP Referral Program, Reward

Bloop is a Shopify Referral App that helps you create word-of-mouth marketing programs. These programs are easy to share across platforms like email, social media, websites, etc.

One of the major features they deliver is the ability to translate referral programs based on the store’s primary language. This will help easy access to the program by a wide range of users.

Bloop Shopify Referral App

Key Features

  • Provide customizable popup
  • Track and manage referral program performance

Rating: 5/5


This app has a free version that allows the use of all features

9. Stamped Product Reviews & UGC

This Shopify referral program app facilitates rewarding customers for referring your business, acknowledging their loyalty. It offers program customization, allowing the incorporation of your business logo, images, and signature.

By enrolling customers in the loyalty program, you can enhance customer retention. The app enables the allocation of loyalty points to customers based on preset criteria.

Additionally, this Shopify Referral App provides seamless sharing of referral links across all social media platforms.

Moreover, the VIP referral program caters to highly loyal customers by providing them with a curated landing page and appealing rewards.

Stamped Shopify Referral App

Key Features

  • Reminders about point expiration
  • Helps to build social proof through customer reviews

Rating: 4.7/5


Stamped starts at $19/month and the enterprise package rate is variable based on the customization required.

10. LoyaltyLion Rewards & Referral

This top-rated Shopify referral app specializes in referral and loyalty programs, offering a wide range of rewards including loyalty points earned through various interactions such as birthdays, purchases, site visits, sign-ups, and social follows.

Its informative analytical referral dashboard provides valuable insights through visualizations, allowing you to track key metrics effectively. Moreover, this Shopify refer-a-friend app enables a customizable program.

Programs can seamlessly operate across POS systems, desktops, and mobile devices, ensuring a consistent and rewarding experience for both you and your customers across all platforms.

LoyaltyLion Shopify Referral App

Key Features

  • They provide optimization of the program after onboarding
  • They enable further integration with apps to enhance service

Rating: 4.6/5


They provide a free plan with limited features and the premium package is priced at $729/per month

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To streamline the complexities associated with managing all aspects of Shopify referral marketing manually, it is wise to use the best Shopify referral app that can act as one solution for all operations.

This blog provides a comprehensive comparison of the top Shopify referral marketing apps available in the market to help you make well-informed decisions regarding the most suitable option for your business.

Further Reading

What’s the best referral and affiliate apps for Shopify?

The best referral and affiliate apps for Shopify are
1. Afflr
2.Referral Candy
3. Shopjar
4. Uppromote

Is there a Shopify referral program?

Yes, there is a Shopify referral program where you can earn commissions by referring new customers to Shopify.

How do I set up a referral program?

To set up a referral program, you can use third-party apps from the Shopify App Store like Afflr or Shopjar, which provide tools to create and manage your program.

How to find a Shopify referral code?

You can find your Shopify referral code easily by using a referral program app. You can create a referral program using the app and add referrals to it. A unique referral code will be generated for each customer.

How do I track my referrals on Shopify?

You can track referrals on Shopify using some of the most popular referral apps for Shopify. This will help to track and analyze key metrics of referral programs in Shopify.

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