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7 Best GoAffPro Alternatives in 2024

GoAffPro is one of the popular Shopify Affiliate Marketing apps. However, several GoAffPro alternatives can handle affiliate marketing of a Shopify store equally well.

A Shopify store’s need for an affiliate app is based on the requirements of the business and not popularity. Hence, knowing the GoAffPro Alternatives can help you make a choice that suits your business. This will help build an effective affiliate marketing campaign for your Shopify store.

In this blog, we have discussed possible GoAffPro alternatives based on certain criteria to help you decide which Shopify app is the best for your e-commerce business.

Automate affiliate marketing efforts with an app that is easy and effective to use like Afflr.

What is GoAffPro?

GoAffpro is a Shopify app for affiliate marketing that can help you create referral programs for your Shopify stores within minutes.

In addition to clear tracking of affiliate sales and commission, this app in Shopify also offers multiple payout options.

GoAffpro not only allows multi-level marketing through payments to different levels. This app also allows limitation of payment for affiliates at certain levels. This will increase the store’s sales potential by incentivizing affiliate partners at all levels.

GoAffpro Shopjar Shopify Affiliate App

GoAffPro Price

  • Free Plan
    • Unlimited affiliates
    • Portal for Affiliates
  • Premium Plan – $29/month
    • Affiliate portal created with own domain
    • Multi-level marketing


Before knowing why there is a need for a GoAffPro alternative, learn what are the possible disadvantages of the app.

GoAffPro offers only limited tracking features. For instance, they don’t track CPL or CPA metrics.

Third-party integration facilitated by GoAffPro is less. This is one of the features of any Shopify affiliate marketing app that reduces the manual work of store owners. With integrations with other tech stacks, the workflow of any word-of-mouth marketing campaign in Shopify can be made smoother and more effective.

Some users have complained about the lack of a downgrade option from their current pack. Additionally, some users have also experienced difficulty with getting their issues resolved with the help of the support team.

These limitations give rise to the need for GoAffPro alternatives that can cater to Shopify stores effectively.

The criteria considered while compiling this list of GoAffPro alternatives are features, price, value for money, scalability, etc.

The following table gives a pictorial comparison of the price range of the GoAffPro alternative.

GoAffPro Alternatives

7 Best GoAffPro Alternatives

The best GoAffPro alternatives that can help Shopify stores create and manage affiliate and referral marketing are discussed here.

It is imperative to know how to choose the best Shopify app for affiliate marketing. To achieve this, draft the goals and objectives of your program. This will help get a clear idea of what are your expectations from an affiliate Shopify app.

Following this, one will know which GoAffPro alternative will best suit the brand the best.

The following are the best GoAffPro Alternatives.

  1. Afflr
  2. Bixgrow
  3. Referral Candy
  4. Tapfiliate
  5. Shopjar
  6. Social Snowball
  7. LeadDyno

1. Affiliate Marketing ‑ Afflr

Afflr is a Shopify affiliate marketing app that can very easily handle all affiliate, referral, and influencer marketing needs of startups and enterprises alike.

Using Afflr, it is easy to create Shopify affiliate programs with tailor-made commissions and discounts. They have the means to provide performance-based commission [tier commission] as well as recurring commission. This can motivate affiliates to perform better and bring quality referrals.

This Shopify affiliate marketing app will also enable the easy creation of an affiliate landing page to invite more affiliates to be part of the program.

Afflr is a complete solution for affiliate, influencer, and referral marketing. They offer multiple payout options and insightful tracking for affiliate sales and commission.

Afflr Shopify Affiliate App

Afflr Price

  • Free
    • Unlimited affiliates and payouts
    • Sign up form
    • Affiliate Portal
  • Starter – $9/ month
    • Unlimited affiliate programs
    • 900+ Payout options using Tremendous
    • Integrations with PayPal, Klaviyo, Zapier


As a GoAffPro alternative, Afflr can create numerous programs for as little as $9 per month. This will result positively when a business is trying to scale its affiliate or referral marketing.

Afflr acts as a very efficient GoAffPro alternative to beginners trying to experiment with word-of-mouth marketing. This is because even their free plan offers enough features to bring high affiliate sales and conversion.

Afflr allows customization of sign-up forms for individual programs. They also provide a dedicated affiliate portal for all affiliates to empower them.

2. BixGrow: Affiliate Marketing

Bixgrow is one of the top-rated affiliate marketing apps in Shopify to help brands gain sales.

This app helps easy conversion of customers to affiliates by easily creating referral marketing. Auto-generated affiliate links and codes can be shared on social media easily to support influencer marketing in Shopify.

Once Bixgrow is integrated with the Shopify store, it can be very easily accessible from Shopify’s toolbar. They all have provisions for multilevel marketing and a dedicated marketplace to find influencers and affiliates.

Bixgrow Price

  • Starter – Free
    • Unlimited coupons
    • Upto 30 affiliates
  • Scale – $9/month
    • Can add unlimited affiliates
    • Affiliate links can be customized
  • Pro – $15/month
    • Bulk email
    • Payouts – PayPal and store credit


Since Bixgrow provides easy ways to pay affiliates through multilevel marketing, it serves as the perfect GoAffPro alternative.

A dedicated marketplace is also available with Bixgrow to help find affiliates and influencers.

Afflr, a cost-effective affiliate solution will serve as the best GoAffPro alternative with its easy-to-use features.

3. Referral Candy & Affiliate

Referral candy helps increase the sales of a Shopify store by creating affiliate and referral programs.

It is easy to segment the audience based on the nature of the affiliate marketing campaign. Affiliates can be invited via sign-up forms through widgets or websites.

Referral candy lets you group products that are eligible for the referral program. This way, a Shopify owner can create a meticulous campaign based on their business requirement.

Referral Candy Shopify Affiliate App

Referral Candy Price

  • Premium Plan – $59/month
    • Unlimited affiliates and rewards
    • 3.5% commission on successful referral sale
  • Plus Plan – $299/month
    • Dedicated Account manager
    • 1.5% commission on successful sale
  • Enterprise – $2400/year
    • Unlimited campaigns
    • Custom analytics and review


Even though this affiliate Shopify app is expensive, it acts as a good GoAffPro alternative as it provides customization of integrations and analytics for its highest pack.

Referral Candy also sends auto-invitations to customers after purchase with their referral code. You can also engage customers and affiliates with post-purchase pop-ups and emails. Hence it will serve as a good GoAffPro alternative for referral marketing.

4. Tapfiliate Affiliate Marketing

Tapfiliate will help launch your affiliate or referral program in minutes. It also helps to set up flexible commission rates for all programs. With this Shopify app for referral marketing, you can easily convert customers into referral partners.

With Tapfilite, organic real-time affiliate tracking, and reporting of affiliate links and referral sales can be enabled. This will help refine the program and optimize it for better results.

Tapfiliate Shopify Affiliate App

Tapfiliate Price

  • Essential – $89/month
    • Unlimited affiliates
    • 2,000 Conversions/month
  • Pro – $149/month
    • 10,000 Conversions/month
    • Customize the domain
  • Enterprise – $499/month
    • Personal manager
    • Handle numerous tracking requests


One feature that helps Tapfiliate stand out as a GoAffPro alternative is the fact that it provides a dedicated portal to affiliates and customers so they can access the marketing materials, track links, etc.

5. Referral Program ‑ Shopjar

Shopjar is a Shopify app that handles referral as well as affiliate marketing. Referral and affiliate programs can be easily created using this app with tailor-made requirements.

This referral and affiliate app for the Shopify store will help you create a customizable sign-up form as well as an affiliate landing page. Both these features will attract more affiliates and influencers to the customer referral program in Shopify.

Shopjar Shopify Affiliate App

Shopjar Price

  • Essential – $5/month
    • Unlimited referrals and orders
    • Pop-up post-purchase
  • Starter – $9/month
    • Create Affiliate Program
    • Tiered commission
  • Growth – $29/month
    • PayPal payout can be scheduled
    • Onboarding assistance


As a GoAffPro alternative, this app lets the program have different discounts to the customers along with commissions for referral partners or Shopify affiliates. The different types of discounts that can be offered are fixed amounts, percentages, free products, or shipping discounts. This will serve as motivation for new customers to use referral links to purchase.

6. Snowball: Affiliate Marketing

Social Snowball is a Shopify app that helps Shopify owners manage their affiliate and influencer marketing. It provides means to create programs, customize commissions and discounts, and add affiliates and influencers.

Social Snowball assures high ROI for all its users and also affirms that affiliate code leaks will be prevented. Using this affiliate app for Shopify, an e-commerce owner can run an influencer marketing campaign.

Social Snowball Shopify Affiliate App

Social Snowball Price

  • Snow Day – $99/month
    • Unlimited affiliates
    • 700+ Payout Options
    • Sign up forms
  • Blizzard – $499/month
    • No commission on the sale
    • Allows up to 10 Affiliate Programs
    • Personalize affiliate dashboard


One feature that makes Social Snowball a GoAffPro alternative is the prevention of affiliate leaks and abuse of affiliate coupons. This safeguards the marketing campaign from fraudulent activity.

Social Snowball provides provisions to offer products as gifts to affiliate partners in place of rewards or as bonuses. This will keep affiliates motivated to perform better as a GoAffPro alternative.

7. LeadDyno Affiliate Marketing

LeadDyno helps give a personal voice to your program by customizing it with your logo and domain.

With LeadDyno’s effective affiliate tracking facility, it is easy to identify the top-performing affiliates. Once these affiliates are identified, it is easy to reward them based on performance using the multiple-tier commission method.

Once added to be part of a Shopify affiliate program, the store owner decides to approve them manually or automatically. This will lead the store owner to hold important power over their marketing efforts.

LeadDyno Shopify Affiliate App

LeadDyno Price

  • Lite – $49/month
    • Up to 50 affiliates
    • Only one commission plan
  • Essential – $129/month
    • 3 commission plans are available
    • Sign-up forms
  • Advanced – $349/month
    • Unlimited commission plan
    • Custom domain
  • Unlimited – $749/month
    • Personalized setup and reporting
    • Unlimited affiliate programs


LeadDyno offers several integrations with your Shopify store that can increase the efficiency of your marketing campaign. Hence, this GoAffPro alternative can offer a value-for-money service to brands.

The knowledge of GoAffPro alternatives will give you a clear idea of how to choose the best Shopify affiliate marketing app for your e-commerce store.

Afflr will save you time and money while building your affiliate marketing for the Shopify store.


Selecting the right affiliate marketing app is critical to the success of your marketing efforts. Instead of simply opting for the most popular option, it’s essential to thoroughly analyze and understand all available choices to find the best fit for your specific needs.

This blog contains GoAffPro alternatives that can suit your business in terms of features as well as budget. This will help you to know which app suits your Shopify store better.

Further Reading

Can I affiliate with an app?

Yes, you can affiliate with an app. Various Shopify affiliate marketing apps can help you create and manage affiliates and affiliate marketing. These apps will offer multiple options to payout and tracking as well.

Which tool is best for affiliate marketing?

The tools that are best for Affiliate marketing are
1. Afflr,
2. Referral Candy,
3. Refersion,
4. GoAffPro, etc

Is there anything like affiliate marketing?

Yes, there are variations to affiliate marketing. Other options are Influencer marketing, referral marketing, recommendation marketing, etc.

Can I start affiliate marketing with mobile?

Yes, you can start affiliate marketing with mobile with mobile-friendly apps that help to create, manage, and track affiliate programs.

What are GoAffPro Alternatives?

The GoAffPro alternatives in Shopify are
1. Afflr,
2. Bixgrow,
3. Referral Candy,
4. Tapfiliate,
5. Shopjar

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